Archeological Reports

`This page contains a number of PDF documents of interest to Viking-age re-enactors.

Some are Archeological reports, while others relate to subjects of interest to the period we re-enact.

They have been obtained from the internet, and as far as I know are in the public domain. If you believe this to wrong please contact me as soon as possible so I can remove it.

If you have a file which you feel might be of interest, you can upload it to this page if you register a Wikidot account. If you have a file to share but don't have a Wikidot account please email me and I will upload it for you.

These documants are provided for interest only. The content is the responsiblity of the author, and they should not be considered official policy of The Vikings.


To view a file on-line, simply left click on the link.

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1. Viking-Age Silver Hoards From Oland

2. Coloured Clothes by Thor Ewing

3. Picts and Vikings at Westness

4. Combs and Comb Making

5. Contact Between the Norse and Native Americans

6. Glasses from Scandinavian 1st Millenium Burials

7. Iron and its Alloys in 5th - 11thC England

8. Padlocks From The Birka Garrison

9. Viking Burial from Kneep

10. Analysis of Ring Mail in Oslo Museum

11. Later History of The Varangian Guard

12. Viking Genetic Legacy in NW England

13. Viking Recipies

14. Vlaardingen 1018 Guide

15. Embroidery Guide by Fish

16. British Scabbard Top Mounts

17. Isle Of Man Scabbards

18. Scabbards Type 3c

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